Museum of the Confederacy

Museum of the Confederacy Gallery

Come Explore Confederate History

The Museum of the Confederacy’s three floors of galleries contain the world’s most comprehensive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs from the Confederate States of America. Be transported back in time as you wander past “Stonewall” Jackson’s forage cap, J.E.B. Stuart’s LeMat pistol, and Robert E. Lee’s field tent. Learn about lesser-known topics like the daily lives of common soldiers, the Confederate Navy, and art from the period.

The centerpiece of the museum complex is a separate structure a few yards north of the museum building, across a shady, peaceful garden. The White House of the Confederacy was where Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his family lived from 1861-1865. Visitors today can tour 11 restored rooms in this early 19th-century mansion, one of the most richly appointed and historically accurate sites remaining from this dramatic period in American history.

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